Navigation thoughts and behaviour when not logged in

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Last edit: 18:42, 2 October 2007

Hi all,

We should test the links and options for users who are not logged in - its easy to get lost in relation to the article to which the thread relates.

Also - when logged in and viewing the history of a thread (ie. clicking on the history link) it's difficult to navigate back to the relevant article. Follow this process:

  1. Click on history link associated with a new thread
  2. History page appears with a tab called "Thread" - where the user expects to find the "Article" tab. On this page I don't see any link back to the main article page.
  3. Click on the Thread tab - Now you will see under the thread heading a link called - "from Talk:whatever_page"


  • On the History page shouldn't we also include the link "from Talk:whatever_page" (as in the case of the individual thread page)
  • On the history page and thread page - shouldn't we inlcude a link "back to article or content page"?
Mackiwg (talk)15:14, 21 October 2007