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Hello Don: I happen to need a picture of the Via Lactea (Milky way?) to build something for my user page, I wonder whether I could use NASA pictures without having to ask for permission. What do you think I have to do? Regards LO--Luis A. Ordóñez V. 00:17, 18 December 2009 (UTC)

Lordonezv (talk)12:17, 18 December 2009

Hi Luis,

I think you can use any downloadable NASA image as long as you are not selling it. I will ask on your behalf and post again. Sorry it took me so long to respond! Don

DonBrown (talk)07:46, 29 December 2009

Hi Luis,

I was right. Here is the answer I got from my JPL/NASA contact:

"Yes, as long as the user gives NASA credit for the photo. JPL's Image Use Policy is at:

That site references the NASA Image Use Policy if the photo is from another center."

Bye for now,


DonBrown (talk)07:42, 30 December 2009