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Hi Billy,

Thanks for noticing that typo. I corrected it.

I visited your user page and noted that you, too, list mastery of three languages. So, we are in a same league. I guess our shared background of originating from relatively small countries makes us more sensitive to the need to speak other people's tongues. I fact, I learned even more than three languages during my lifetime and find it increasingly enriching to be able to interact with diverse cultures.

How interesting that your son is now at the University of Utrecht. I know it to be a very good university. One of our three daughters studied Spanish and Latin American Literature at that same university. After she completed her university studies at Utrecht she still also did a journalism degree at another postsecondary education institution in Utrecht.

You concluded correctly that The Netherlands is my native country. My permanent home though is currently in France, but I do spend time regularly in The Netherlands as well. In fact, I'm currently writing to you from The Netherlands.

As to your question about the use of wikis in a moodle environment I think the two technologies can be used in a complementary manner, rather than by integrating one into the orther. So, students would move between what they interact with in the moodle environment and what they create in a parallel fashion in the wiki context. Obviously, certain features, such as threaded discussion, overlap. When that's the case, I think you or your students should go for what they feel most comfortable with.

I hope that's useful.

Take care.

Jan--Jvisser.ldi 12:32, 11 August 2009 (UTC)

Jvisser.ldi (talk)01:32, 12 August 2009