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  1. What are the main issues concerning quality with open and close authoring?

The main issues concerning quality with open authoring and close authoring include:

Open authoring

  • the question of having the authority in the subject(content) area could affect the quality of content. Some authors might not have the indepth content knowledge and or the experience to contribute meaningfully to the issue in question.
  • the issue of distortion, this means that those who do not have the indepth knowledge and experience may contribute to misconception and this may lead to distorting what was initially presented.
  • more contribution from content expert in the same discipline would enable quality product. It is important that collaborative inputs from different authorities in the content area may add invaluable insights into the discussion whereby contributing to the improvement of the content and the manner in which it is presented gramatically etc.

Close authoring

  • limit contribution from various experts and various stakeholders who have the invaluable experience in the content area who may be in a position to assist in improving the presentation of the content.

  1. Open collaboration opens doors to cater for new ideas and would affect one's approach in relation to presentation, content.
  1. Advantages & Risks
  • Advantages - enable others to collaboratively develop curriculum within contexts. Enabling practitioners and academics to contribute equally in developing curriculum for use in different contexts.
  • Risks - the issue of distortion maybe an issue of concern if monitoring mechanisms are not place in place.
BoeLahui (talk)12:55, 13 August 2008