Member Orientation

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I very much like the feel of this document. I believe that it invites the reader to think about the nature of OER, their interests, and how the Foundation can help. This I believe is critical to any voluntary membership organization. Like all of us, I have read numerous strategic plans, and am very frequently left asking myself if the authors actually understand that the organization exists for purposes beyond its own growth, preservation, etc. that in fact, the organization is providing services to a community. When membership organizations seem unable to create strategic artifacts that clearly put their members at the center of their strategies, in my eyes, it calls into question the viability and orientation of the organization. -Ken Udas

Kenudas (talk)01:17, 16 July 2009

Hi Ken,

Thank you very much for this feedback. The raison d'etre for the OER Foundation is for purposes beyond our own existence --- so to speak. If the members don't derive benefit from what we do -- we have no reason for existence :-)

Not sure whether the strategy document succeeds in communicating this effectively -- while high level and abstract, it is an internal planning document. Paradoxically -- as an open organisation we can publish our planning documents openly and transparently for all to see.

Again thanks for the feedback -- we've still got lots to learn about open planning etc.


Mackiwg (talk)14:35, 16 July 2009