Meeting input from Sarah Lambert

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Sarah Lambert is unable to participate in the May 12 (Pacific Time) Google Hangout for our first project team meeting but sent this email to share her (excellent!) ideas. I thought this was to good to keep buried in an email and share it below with her permission. --Irwin DeVries 04:51, 8 May 2014 (UTC) ---

"The only thing I wanted to raise is the idea of the manual ending up being an Induction MOOC. One of the best things about working with Open2 Study was their Induction Course. They used their platform to deliver the information using learning designs that were appropriate to their mission and platform. You could see very quickly what it looked like, and what is possible. It really fast tracked the preparation for designing a course.

So I’d like to suggest putting a plan in place that looks at a PDF/online manual for phase 1 (and perhaps not worrying too much about perfection, but more on speed of getting it out!) and looking at a Phase 2 development that does induction for new OERu members and designers in the online learning platform. In other words, make a Mooc about:

  1. what the OERu is and how we work together
  2. what the logic model is
  3. latest pilots and trends in learning designs for OERu
  4. micro and full courses
  5. How courses get put forward and approved (inc minimum standards from the Course Quality group)
  6. how you can design them in wiki-educator vs moodle vs other learning platforms
  7. and particular module devoted to designing in wikieducator perhaps?? Or whatever becomes the anointed platform (as being looked at by the Technology working group).

In terms of the practicalities of this, I have already suggested that when the OERu family comes to Tasmania in November for the Symposium and meetings, that it would be ideal if some of us could come a day earlier or stay a bit later to build in some time to do a range of video interviews to become teaching resources to plug into OCL4Ed – and perhaps also for this one as well? Just an idea…"
-email received from Sarah Lambert May 7, 2014

Idevries (talk)16:51, 8 May 2014