MariaD's miscellaneous comments

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1. Is Maturity supposed to go down in 2011, as the graph shows? :-)

2. "ultimately shifting to a project owned and driven by New Zealands' teachers" - parents, students, ed researchers and technology enablers, too? What are roles of "others" in the platform? I guess it has to be focused on teachers only at this point for some administrative reasons?

3. "OER demonstrators: Develop 245 OER examples in WikiEducator based on the New Zealand curriculum." - should this specify the type of OER somewhat (lessons, whole courses)?

4. I don't get the little arrows in Figure 3. They look like a vector field with a singularity at Phase 4. I don't know if this type of the diagram is a good way to visualize this data. Maybe a radial diagram (three streams as radii and years as concentric circles) may work? I am not sure.

5. "synchronising and federating a collection of wiki instances" - would the readers know what it means?

6. You may want to include some "plain text" intros and conclusions before the stream section and after it. It is a bit dense and needs some transitions, unless you are very pressed for space.

MariaDroujkova (talk)02:25, 24 June 2009