Making math fun with learners

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To enable low achievers in math develop positive attitude to improve in math, mathematics teachers often find it challenging and at times give up and shift the blame to the learners. 'These students can not easily learn.They are lazy lots. They dont listen, neither do they have interest in studying. They are always wasting time watching movies. some of them even say they dont love math!'These are some of the ears to the ground of teachers complaints about these teenagers. I am talking this with reference to lower secondary school learners (13 & 14. These are young adults in their adolscence age who are bombaded with a lot of things around them including body changes.I teach mathematics to this age. I believe that making math fun can be an aspirin to some of the above problems.How can we teach innovatively to draw away from general teaching methods some of which are too traditional mimics of teaching that have been surpurssed with time.our learners in Uganda and East Africa at large are increasingly becoming mega or multi-media consumers, capable of responding to fast changes in technology realted to phones, facebook and other internet products, TV's, radio programmes etc faster than the teachers themselves. I am calling upon teachers to contribute to this talk. you are welcome.

Ngerageze Emmanuel (talk)01:22, 4 August 2010