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Ok, by now everyone who has expressed interest before the 28th of July should have been added to an email forum and received an email telling you that. That email forum will become a space in which announcements will be posted and discussion can take place. However, your personal blog will become your primary objective in this course, as per the first assignment outline. By posting to your blog and reading others blogs we should achieve a deeper state of learning and personal enquirer for the topics (not to mention keeping our email sanity :) I will post announcements and summaries for the course - to the course blog, as well as copy them to the email forum as reminders. This is especially designed for those of us that live in email and might need a gentle prod now and again to come in and update themselves for the course. So.. at the very least, watch your email for new announcements, better still subscribe to the blog, best yet is to follow the instructions for week 1 and set up your own blog for the course and slowly subscribe to others in the course. Good luck, (I hope I can manage this OK) thanks for your interest, and I'll be seeing you online.

If your name does not appear below, it means I have missed you. If that's so, please email me personally leighblackall at gmail dot com

Sorry for the non order below - I'm rushing :(

Elaine Dittert

Craig Hansen

Kay Lewis: my blog:

Vida Thompson

Russell Thorp blog

Joy Zhao blogging at

Minhaaj ur Rehman:

Vishal Roopun and here is my blog

Sylvia Currie blogging at

Shane Roberts

Chris Haller

Nellie Deutsch blogging for this course at

Alexander Hayes - blogging at - FOC08 tagged foco8

Naketa Ferguson blogging at  :)

Deb Thompson blogging at

Octavio Lima

Bronwyn Stuckey blogging at FOC08 specific posts

Greg Carey

Derek Chirnside -

Mike Bogle - blogging @ All blog posts OR Just FOC08 Posts

Pedro Markun

Mike Taylor -

Sarah Stewart

Valerie Taylor -

Andoss Tausefoki

Greg Szczotka -

Joao Alves -

Wayne -


Olaug (Ollie) Gardener

Maria Pophristova

Brian Shimelonis Blogging at:

Olubodun Olufemi J:

Lynn MacEachern


Syed Tanvir Ali

Shelley Hourston Blogging at:

Emad Ghaeni

Terry Yelmene

Tom Murray

LaDonna Coy

Daryl Cook: All blog posts OR FOC08 posts only

Bernadette Harris


Sumita Johnson

Mariana Syrotiak

Bruna Ori

Gabriela Sellart (in English) (in Spanish)

Jennifer Verschoor

Tim Davies

Amy Lenzo - My Main Blog: * My Blog for this course:

Illya Arnet-Clark

Malik Richardson blogging at

Greg Barcelon:

Bronwyn Collins blogging at

Sue Wolff blogging at

Deb Hosking


Wm. Beasley

Tajalli Love

Lynne Gilliland

Stephen Powell

Jeffrey Keefer

Stephanie Burke

Carole Hunter

Robyn Honeman

Cathy Deckers changed spot (sorry)

Jan Hunter

Sean McKee

Diane Holmes

Russell Thorp

Lynn MacEachernt

Robert Hitchings

Mary Loftus - blogging at

Cristina Costa blogging @

Mary-Doug Wright blogging at

Elizabeth Crouch blog coming soon

Peter Efland - blogging for this course at:

Bronwyn Hegarty - posts about education including this course:

Leighblackall (talk)16:58, 28 July 2008

I think you will add my blog address to the list above

Ojolubodun (talk)02:11, 30 July 2008

Please add my blog against my name: Greg Barcelon -

Servant02 (talk)12:15, 1 August 2008

I leave you blogs URL for dreig: -El caparazón (spanish)[1] -The Shell (english-main blog for this course)[2]

Dreig (talk)23:27, 2 August 2008

Please add my blog address. Cheers Jan Hunter

Jan Hunter (talk)09:32, 5 August 2008

Hi Leigh please add my blog: its

Elaine (talk)13:44, 5 August 2008

Hi! This is Violeta (vcautin or viovio) I created this blog for the course:

Viovio (talk)17:46, 5 August 2008