MBL912L - Meeting 2 - 22nd March 2009

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Point 9

Questions and general comments, closing out comments and quetions?

Hermanus Louw (talk)07:07, 23 March 2009

Are the instructions on the number of pages that rigid?

Victor.mensah (talk)07:10, 23 March 2009

Dear Lions, we will have to comply with pages numbers, but we can always put things in appendixes, this was very clear at the Study school--Luisaserra 19:12, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

Luisaserra (talk)07:12, 23 March 2009

See my previous comment, but no. It is very inportant that all read the attachment that I sent through yesterday on the comments from the lecturer. That gives you amore clear idea of what is expected.

Hermanus Louw (talk)07:12, 23 March 2009

Dear Lions, I have sent an email abou my business trip to Asia, I hope you all got it. I might not be available with my current phone line, but I am available on emails and make sure I go to the business center everyday to catch up with you.--Luisaserra 19:11, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

Luisaserra (talk)07:11, 23 March 2009

Yes, i got it. Wish you a safe journey. Perhaps i should also indicate here that as stated in the team charter, i will be away on leave from 25th March to 30th April. But no fears, i should be online for our next meeting ceteris paribus. I should still be reachable on all my email addresses.

--Victor P. K. Mensah 19:15, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

Victor.mensah (talk)07:15, 23 March 2009

No comments for now. However I will provide you with my feedback in track changes when I finsih my detailed review.

JEREMIAH CHAPHXANYA (talk)07:11, 23 March 2009

about the role of secretary, is there a format for submission of the minutes to EDS? also, this question is for victor, i need small tutorial on data stroge on wiki

Akachi Ngwu (talk)07:11, 23 March 2009

Akachi, please see the minutes template that i sent to you yesterday. I also sent through the previous minutes, that will give you a good idea of what to do

Hermanus Louw (talk)07:14, 23 March 2009

sorry akachi, one last comment, you do not have to spend to much time with the minutes, just ensure that the general idea of each point was captured.

Hermanus Louw (talk)07:15, 23 March 2009

Actually, just a resolution (descision) minutes. We always have the full details from this page as a permanent verbatim record to for reference if need be.

Victor.mensah (talk)07:22, 23 March 2009

thanks. yes, i got your email

Akachi Ngwu (talk)07:27, 23 March 2009
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Akachi, you can actually store (upload) a variety of date/resources on this wiki. I have created a space/page/link for that. However, since this wiki is a public one, the data may become a permanent record (unless i request deletion from the server). The EDS is thus the best palce to upload all official records of the group (as in the Charter).

But i can definitly take you through uploads for your wiki skills development.

Victor.mensah (talk)07:25, 23 March 2009

thanks and God bless

Akachi Ngwu (talk)07:28, 23 March 2009

Hove was trying to log on to Wiki but failed. I made contact with him during our meeting Nothing else from me. --Shumimlingo 19:14, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

Shumimlingo (talk)07:14, 23 March 2009

Thanks Shumi for this. I dont know why he should fail to log in. Has he forgoten his password or his username? He should perhaps take into consideration that these are case-sensitive. Perhaps he can create a new account or get in touch with me to talk this through.


Victor.mensah (talk)07:20, 23 March 2009

Hi all. Iam sorry iam extremely late.I had a problem with my connection despite having logged in, the weekly discussion page was unavailable so there was nothing i could do. My apology. I only managed now. Victor i think it would be bset for to clarify this: when you log in and you get a message which saya " There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title..........." What do you do?

Hove (talk)07:31, 23 March 2009