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Ushering a practical approach to education that is in sync with the needs of the corporate world, Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE) launches a new course; MBA in Banking & Finance. Open to employees from the banking or finance industry with a minimum of 3 years work experience, this 4 semester course is structured to nurture managers out of them. The Banking & Finance industry has undergone a host of changes and the emphasis now lies on hiring trained professionals who can seamlessly integrate into the daily working of the bank. The challenge is to find out such trained professionals since the demand is lot more than supply. The Indian banking sector has been growing at a pace of 7% since the start of this decade. Growth forecasts predict that by the end of 2014, the Indian banking and finance industry will need a minimum of 1.7 million managerial people while the current available workforce is only around 1 million. A deficit of 0.7 million. Keeping in view the lack of managerial talent, Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education offers this course to hone and deliver professionals who can fill in this gap. The SMU-DE MBA programme in Banking & Finance provides students a chance to upgrade their skill sets and make them potential managers of the future. Students will be trained and familiarized with the latest tools in banking, policies, products and culture so that they build an immediate applicable knowledge base. It is a chance for the employees to take their career to the next level. To assist students further is a strong faculty base of the largest network of industry practitioners who know banking and finance from ground up. The entire curriculum has been created and endorsed by professionals from the industry. Since it involves working professionals the course has been structured to not hamper their daily work schedule. Making this possible and easy is the multi award winning learning system EduNxt which allows students to study according to their needs. This virtual learning platform is available for all MBA B&F students over the Internet. EduNxt allows students to access faculty mentors, industry experts, counseling, virtual classrooms, self-learning materials and over a million journals. Mock tests, videos, presentations and case studies are updated real time on this platform helping students to stay in sync with the industry. All this at one’s own time and pace thereby providing students ample time to plan and schedule their studies. Manipal Education (ME) has already tied up with ICICI Bank for ICICI Manipal Academy of Banking and Insurance (IMA) to train selected personnel from ICICI bank and make them industry ready. Presently around 3000 SMU-DE students/alumni are working for the best banks in the country like ICICI, HDFC, ING Vysya, Citi Bank and Deutsche Bank. The course consists of significant amount of corporate interactions and workshops have been planned all across India with top ranking banking officials. Enrol today into SMU-DE to give your future the boost it deserves. Get a degree that really works in real world. For more information just visit MBA in Banking and Finance or call 1800 266 7979 toll free.

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