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haris khan

I will work on this topic the last posting which i did i did not knew that its not allowed if had new i would have never done it. searched the web and i read different articles in which its written that how easily you can make your own e book and make money with that. E BOOKS are going to be the future of hand writing people are going to use e books more and more on e books they will write and save the information as a normal note book.In future people will be reading books from e books on line libraries on e books so its going to be a popular product,in this way you can make your own e books and sell them to make money.

creating e books. Creating e book of your own is very easy you can write it yourself it will take time but if you write your own e book it will give you can write it in simple writings or in HTML formats or in PDF formats.writing yourself is the most easy way of creating e books other way is to buy label rights but you have to very careful what you can do with label right or have to see the best ones which allow you to edit,change graphics put your name on it more way of creating your own e book is to read lots of articles and note important points and by combining those points and writing into a single article is also a way of creating a e book.but in my view point writing your own e book on a new topic is the best way to write e book. first of all get free content by getting public domain.when your topic is in pubic domain it means the copyright has can also get a private label content you can re write and also get your name as author.then you can build your own pages in ms word, excel and other office applications and create a pdf foramt.if you have pdf formats then you have a benefit that users of both windows and mac can read your e can also build HTML formats just get a simple web page and put your information so its easy to use.their are many other ways of creating your e books also but writing your self is easiest one.

selling e book

 After creating your e book you can sell it for may be five to ten years.if your e book is for 50 dollars and you sell 400 books in five years so after five years you have a very good profit and you can make good money and if you have 5 to 10 e books selling at same time so you can imagine how much you wealth is coming.that's why by creating you own e book and selling it can be one way of making good money.


Khanharis89 (talk)15:00, 9 August 2008