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Hi again; this is much improved; in addition to the suggestions earlier, please number the figures 1, 2..... etc. Include the handout as a numbered figure (but not part of a gallery.


Using Galleries[edit]

I notice that you have several images on your page. It may be useful to organize them in a gallery. The format is quite simple:

The following captioned gallery was added to this page using this syntax:

<gallery caption="Data set 1;Valentine's Day snow storm 2007, South Burlington Vermont">
Image:315Small Snow.jpg|Figure 1. Snow accumulation at 3:15 during a snowstorm on Feb 14 2007 in South Burlington Vermont USA; click to view closer
Image:345 smallSnow.jpg|Figure 2. Snow accumulation at 3:45; click to view closer.
Image:415 smallSnow.jpg|Figure 3. Snow accumulation at 4:15; click to view closer.

Once changes have been made, you should delete the text ''{{Gallery}}''from your page.

Dmccabe (talk)11:46, 8 April 2009
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 10:04, 13 April 2009

Hello Professor,
I have tried to create a gallery for the second time already and I can't seem to get it to work, even with the instructions. Is it possible for you to help me next lab class, or will that be to late? Thanks- Emily

Emalliasmc (talk)15:31, 9 April 2009

Hi Emily,

just copy and paste the gallery syntax into your edited page and save. You'll get a gallery of pictures. Then replace each picture name with your own and replace the captions.

Dmccabe (talk)10:04, 13 April 2009