Liza's suggestions for a CCCOER elections process

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The following are Ideas only for how we might run our elections. It's up to the Elections Committee to propose an elections process and get it approved by the governing board.

1. Since 2010 is quickly drawing to a close, the 2010 election process will have to be different from the next even-year election in 2012. We don't yet have the membership process in place so we can't determine who are the members in good standing, that is, the voters. We could ask the membership to appoint the Interim Board members who would normally be elected in 2010 to their positions. Then we could begin putting the 2011 Election together.

2. In a normal year, the elections committee would send out a call for nominations to the general membership at the beginning of spring quarter. Eligibility could be determined as nominations are received and candidates notified.

3. During the summer, candidates could "campaign" by contacting other members and sharing their ideas and plans for fulfilling their positions if elected.

4. The Elections Chair would then prepare an online voting site with all candidates and hold the election in October. Verification would take place in November and the new Board Members would be announced at the December Quarterly Meeting.

5. I'd appreciate it if someone would go over the Bylaws carefully for logic. I think I designated (and we passed) October for the Annual Meeting of the Governing Board. It may not be clear that the December Quarterly Meeting is the Annual Meeting for members although we did talk about having it work that way.

Liza Loop (talk)16:20, 7 October 2010