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Unit Plan

Learners: Undergraduate English language learners studying in Mexico

Time frame: 4-5 weeks

Language level: can and will certainly vary

Topic: Tourism

Understanding: The English language learner will understand that rest and relaxation (while on vacation) stems from individual attributes.

Expressive outcomes: Learners will pursue this understanding through the following six facets: learners will (a) explain, (b) interpret, and (c) apply; and learners will have (d) perspective, (e) empathy, and (f) self-knowledge.

Essential questions:

1. How can one vacation be a dream for one family but be a horrible experience for another? 2. How might a dream vacation be presented to a family who is on a limited budget? 3. When would be a bad time to travel to Aguascalientes, Mexico and how might a travel agency present this news (with alternatives) to a group of tourists?


   * knowledge about the city of Aguascalientes
   * knowledge about the individual attributes of the tourists
   * knowledge of related vocabulary and grammar


   * communicative and noncommunicate language
   * pronunciation
   * related technologies


   * webquest
   * quizzes and tests
   * informal observations and instructional conversations (e.g., socratic method)
   * academic prompts
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