L4C53 --Test Discussion Thread

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Hello everyone. Learning to use Wiki is fun. It is good to be able to collaborate with teachers and educators from around the world and to gain new perspectives from them.

RoxyB (talk)03:06, 25 February 2009

It's a great web application. I love it!!

El Profesor (talk)03:52, 25 February 2009

On the topic of WikiEd, It has been proven to be most useful and rewarding, bringing resources together and increasing one's knowledge and foresight.

Eng.Raymond G Jacob

Eng.Raymond (talk)05:11, 25 February 2009

Learning about wiki educator has created a whole new dimension to education for me

Alibaba (talk)06:16, 19 February 2010

Yea i must agree with everyone. I can really see myself using this program in the future. But yeah its real neat. And when i thought i saw it all i found out u can talk to people over this thing.. Too good to be true.. Keep in touch.. We have alot to talk about..

Glenroy (talk)06:05, 25 February 2009

It is great being able to navigate and explore at Wiki.

Maslow (talk)08:28, 25 February 2009

Hi Roxy, This is realy going make us part of the global village.

Susan parke (talk)08:34, 25 February 2009
 Hi Susan, wiki is surely making our countries closer.
PATRICIA FELIX (talk)02:27, 26 February 2009