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Since the acquisition of BEA by Oracle, JRockit VM became an Oracle product. After the acquisition of SUN, Oracle also inherited SUN's JVM. The latest 4.0.1 version combines the previous releases to one that includes both the Real Time VM and the Mission Control toolkit. We tried our application with the Solaris version of JRockit, both the normal and RT VM, but they both performed worse than the SUN JVM. From what we found, JRockit has not been optimized for the Solaris platform. Has anybody had any experiences with JRockit on Solaris or on other platforms? Do you actually use it in real projects?

Jkost (talk)04:01, 16 October 2011

Personally, I'd prefer to use Free and open source implementations and contribute to these (if clever enough :-).

A related discussion I suggested previously: Software patents, Oracle, Google - implications for free software development in Java and programming in general. ... maybe next time (2012).
KTucker (talk)11:13, 16 October 2011