Is the deletion system working?

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Hi folks,

I started this deletion system a while back. Users are invited to add the tag {{Delete}} to unneeded pages or files. The tag lists them here and an administrator then decided to delete or not. Thus far it seems to be working reasonably well. One user edited the page to add his request for deletion; that worked and we removed his request; there is one file that I tagged for deletion and am reluctant to also be the person to delete the same file (perhaps a reasonable approach?).

  • Anyway, some questions:
  • Do we need a system for deletion?
  • Is this system working?
  • Are people happy with it?
  • What changes are needed to make it acceptable?

and finally:

  • Should we link it from a tutorial so that it can be used more broadly?

Your thoughts would be welcome.

Dmccabe (talk)15:57, 14 April 2009