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Leigh Blackall, Thank you for posting on my behalf. I was able to make it at last. Grateful for the oportunity to join the forum. I have been teaching in a face to face environment fot over ten years but facilitating in an online environment is close to four years. I enjoy both experiences but look forward to doing it as a full time job in an online environment. I hope after this course such opportunity will arise.

Vishal, I hope you will like to tell us how you created a platform on moodle. I have used both Moodle and Fronter platforms but will like to know if anyone could tell me especially you who have created a platform on moodle the differences from the perspective of an IT professional not an edn user like me. As an online tutor I could create /adapt course materials for both platform. See a sample below. Sylvia Currie, I hope too that your wealth of experiences will bear on this forum. Cheers Olufemi

Ojolubodun (talk)23:45, 26 July 2008

Good on you Olufemi. I think your quest to discuss Moodle might yield better responses in the email forum once I have set it up. From experience, it is difficult to sustain discussion here on this wiki talk page on account of the email alert not functioning :( The email forum should be set within an hour.. and it might be that we should add another topic to the schedule - one that looks at developing such a space as a Moodle install, and how to facilitate an online community through that.

Leighblackall (talk)16:19, 28 July 2008