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Hi there, Leigh!

My name is Diego Leal. I'm from Colombia (right now in Bogota, but moving in a couple of weeks back to Rio de Janeiro), and I first met you last year during an online workshop we had with Nancy White (organized by the Ministry of Education), in which you participated as a guest. I just knew about this course (I've been traveling the last few days so I was kinda disconnected) and I would like to be part of it. I'm sorry I'm a little late, but I think it makes sense to get involved because I already have most of the tasks of week one completed :D. I'm also glad to see a lot of familiar faces around, and I'm sure I'll get to learn a lot from all of you.

I'm quite interested in the idea of open/flexible courses (like CCO, which will start next month), so I think this will be a great opportunity to try and understand what's that about. I have to confess here's a chance that every now and then I might get into "lurker-mode", but I'll try and keep those moments as few as possible.

This is my contact info:

The remaining thing to do now is to listen to the Elluminate session. I already asked to join the GoogleGroups group.

I had a question, anyway: I suppose you are you collecting the different RSS fedds from the participants, right? Is there a chance for you to generate an OPML file, so it's easier for everyone else to add those feeds?

Congratulations on the course, and thanks for allowing me to join.


Diego Leal

Qadmon (talk)05:01, 31 July 2008