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My name is William Beasley, and I apologize for submitting this so late (on 28 July)... but I just became aware of the course and couldn't pass up the opportunity. I'm a professor at Cleveland State University in Ohio in the U.S.; I teach online courses, hybrid courses, interactive video courses, and traditional courses, and spend a lot of time helping other faculty deal with bringing technology to to their classes. A common area of difficulty is the concept of nurturing online community, so I'm very pleased to encounter this course on facilitating online community. I hope I can pass along some of what I learn here to other faculty. You can reach me at . I gather I'm supposed to have set up a blog for this class; you can find the blog at: . The RSS feed URL is:

Wbeasley (talk)07:10, 29 July 2008

Hello, I hope I'm not too late!! My name is Tajalli Love and I'm in San Francisco, CA. I moderate an online community for parents in the US. The focuses are mainly educational and parenting issues. I'm new to the field and realize there is so much for me to learn. There have been times when my community was in dire need of a facilitator so I'm hoping I can apply what I learn here.

Tlove (talk)11:35, 29 July 2008