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Hello everyone

My name is Mary-Doug Wright and I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am a consultant/information specialist working primarily in the area of health policy research. I participate in a number of online communities, for both professional purposes and for fun.

I am interested in learning more about social networking tools, and currently use a number: Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter, LibraryThing, I am about to start working through SLA's (Special Libraries Association) 23Things, a self-directed learning program to get people up and running with a variety of Web2.0 tools. I'm interested in online collaboration environments and I think this course will be a good companion to the 23Things program. [Update August 3: I have set up my new blog at blogging at]

My email address is I look forward to working with the rest of you in this course.

Mdwright (talk)19:55, 28 July 2008