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Welcome to the first week of the first elective within second year painting at the National Art School, titled, Technologies and Painting: Vermeer to Richter. The idea behind this WikiEducator format is firstly to introduce, for those who don't already use such technology, directly into the space of the Internet. The Internet is an exciting, and often overwhelming, platform for artists to work from. But whether as a painter ones practice relies extensively on this technology, or in a minor capacity, such as basic documentation and Photoshop manipulation, computers and the Net are an important working environment to understand as a painter. My second reasoning behind this site is to encourage student dialogue that is generated out of the class environment. Issues and thoughts on the elective can be raised by individuals through the Wiki and discussed by the group and myself within an open forum. This, I believe, opens one to the possibilities of the Internet through contact now, and in the future, with other known and unknown communities toward establishing dialogue around your work. It is exciting also because it makes flexible the teacher/student dynamic by establishing fluid critique, discussion and input by all parties, teacher and students, generating permeable curriculum and outcomes. Please make use of this platform. This WikiEducator is not a website as such, it is a flexible generative discussion space that is YOURS, meaning you are all welcome to contribute. In fact this IS necessary for it be valid. I encourage each individual to participate toward this site to receive its full potential as a teaching and practical tool within your/our output as a group, taking for some what will be the first step into the domain of Internet networking and possibility within an artistic context. Thanks Justin

Justinsplace (talk)10:37, 12 March 2010