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Hello Tim Yes it is exactly the right place. Good on you for starting us off. At the moment I am sitting here trying to compose a message surrounded by chickens screeching outside the office window and under the house - so many eggs to lay! I like the sound of your interest in quality - that is what we are about here.

It sounds like you wont have much time for lounging watching sport soon, but hey, bubbies love to be cuddled so I guess you might have to jostle your 13 yr old for the couch and the baby so you can pretend to watch sport on Sky. Great illustration using the animation. I recall being a 13 yr old sister to a new sister and cannot remember doing much nappy changing. :-) However when I was 15 yrs old I got very adept at bribing my baby sister to keep quiet about my boyfriend helping babysit....she was not good at secrets! :(

Lots of opportunities for evaluation in a Foundation studies course - I would be interested to find out what sort of approaches you are taking - blended, online, technologies? Are you planning to introduce any new strategies this semester or learning objects? You may be interested in an online module on essay writing at: - it can be modified to suit your purposes - details are on the website. One of the courses at Otago Polytechnic is using it in a Foundation course on academic communication. Looking forward to the lightbulbs going off. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)09:54, 26 February 2008