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Hello, my name is Gerard, I am a secondary school teacher at Papatoetoe High School in Auckland. Don't diss the place, I am originally from Invercargill.

I have been teaching at Papatoetoe High School now for six years and decided to get into some studies as I would like to continue teaching at a career. I am seeing the changing of the guard from the old typing skills teachers through to the technologists that the new NZ Curriculum wants us to become in the way we teach the students and how they learn from others. In the next couple of years computers will move away from the labs and into the classrooms and the homes of our students. Students will be more social online and have an array of tools that they can use to communicate with each other, I hope that they still will use the spoken word.

I am doing this course as I would like to upskill myself as I believe that eLearning will become a part of teh students learning as well as my own learning in the future.

I have just set up the blog at [1]

Taskmaker (talk)15:29, 27 February 2008

hello gerard Good to meet you online. I have left a response on your blog so wont go on too much here. Good to see there are plans to integrate students' online-ness with their everyday activities. lets hope "the pipes" get better quickly so their access to the Internet is as good as possible. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)16:04, 29 February 2008