Insidious pedagogy

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I'm glad to hear that someone else is concerned about what passes for educational/curriculum design and development within faculties.

This is my main area of interest. Though I'm currently framing it more broadly as "how do you improve learning and teaching within universities" and to a large extent this connects with what I mean by solution #2 above.

I see major flaws in most of the current approaches, including assigning an educational developer to discipline school. There seems to be a more fundamental set of problems with this approach which most people within universities don't want to engage with. Instead you get them arguing about whether or not the educational developer should be employed by the faculty or by some central L&T unit. For me, a completely unimportant question.

As it happens, just yesterday I've tried to formulate one alternative on my blog.


Djplanner (talk)16:25, 5 February 2010