Initial thoughts on research outline

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Hi Wayne,

Thank you for your comments on my research outline.

As you probably realise, I am stretching my boundaries and taking a 'risk' by putting my research outline on the wiki in this way. But I am evolving in both my thinking and behaviour and that is good in many respects. Moreover, I am learning that by "giving out" to our community, I am "getting back" in ways that I could not have imagined...I feel as bit of a pioneer / innovator here; WikiEducator could emerge as a really good forum for the application of learning with a research focus. For example, I took a risk and got incredible feedback from a leader in the thinks that there are great opportunities for similar opportunities for engagement, in other fields and topics. Cool, very cool.

Your comments are well-taken, and I need some time to digest them. I particularly appreciate your noting how the topic has to be fleshed out AND be relevant to the field of OM/OMD, and I ought to consider that, before choosing a 'research methodology (i.e., putting the cart before the horse).

Thanks again!

Wikirandy (talk)06:43, 19 November 2007