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>>>On a few occasions it has crossed my mind that we come across as saying "We need you to help us make a success of OER" ... would it not be better to >>>be saying "finding and using OER has these benefits ... helping you be more effective in your teaching/learning ...".

I agree. I've put it in the issue tracker. If you find specific places, please flag and you/I will revise.

>>>How about an opening statement along these lines: >>>If you don't find ready-made resources that are easily adapted for use in your situation, then you may have to build some from scratch.

Phrasing adopted. Also added statement about sharing OER as soon as possible (though not as a footnote yet, because we have an unresolved issue with putting information as a footnote). I point them to the Publish OER section, not necessarily because we're keeping the same structure, but because to maintain consistency for the moment.

>>>The second paragraph may be omitted - or blended into the Licensing section/chapter.

Moved to Introduction to Licenses.

>>>The third paragraph is important and it could touch on "Learning Design" - this is an aspect which I am not sure whether it should be a chapter or an >>>all pervasive theme.

I'm reluctant to do a single case study as an example because inevitably there are readers trying to do something different than the example (for example a low-bandwidth example for high-bandwidth audience). That's why I prefer showing the landscape of OER community. Although as I write this, I acknowledge it is a point of view I can be talked out of. There may also be some political problems with pointing to one specific repository in the example.

Sgurell (talk)04:47, 10 June 2008