Informal meeting 16th March

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I went online this morning not knowing if anyone would turn up. Very soon Lisachris arrived in Dragon form. Very amusing. I took some photos and will post on my blog ASAP. She had a jet pack on her back and tried out several wing, butterfly bat and bird. It was a good conversation starter anyway. We got going with flying and headed off to the dance floor on Koru. We were just there and Sudbury arrived. We all managed to get going with dancing and eventually managed to synchronism to dance together. We could not talk at this time with voice but that was OK because we were having problems with this anyway. While we were dancing we were texting conversation with each other. We spoke about potentially meeting with students in this sort of environment and also had a chat about the possibilities for clinical midwifery spaces in second life. I have also been interested in this sort of thing in the past but I am reflecting on this and wondering if it is actually such a good idea. I can certainly see the potential for midwifery practice scenarios being played out and rehearsed in this environment but why does this have to take place in a clinical space? I am continuing to ponder and think about this. I have posted a lot more about my thoughts on my blog and I would value your opinion on this, you can easily post comments on my blog if you do not like to do that here my blog. Lisachris the dragon and me Amazing dancing

Midwikied (talk)10:55, 16 March 2008