India & Education: A dilemma & a Solution

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Distance Education is the answer for India to be developed by 2020 The largest democracy in the world is a complex nation with a host of diversities, cultures and ethnic variations that change with every state and region. Yet in this diversity lies the strength that makes India special. A nation full of promises, firmly etched on the world map as a power to look forward to finds itself lacking in one major front. It’s the inability to make education reach out to one and all. India is the seventh largest nation in the world in terms of area, the second most populous country after China and has the maximum population in terms of youth. Youth has the power and is the future but lack of higher education is proving to be a thorn in the country’s path to being a developed nation by 2020. India comprises of 28 states and 7 union territories, some of which are located across the most dangerous and inaccessible terrain which means setting up permanent infrastructures is not the solution. How to set up colleges that can accommodate more than half a billion youth? It’s neither feasible nor practically possible. The only ray of hope is distance education. Distance learning mode has come of age and can reach anyplace at anytime. Distance education is without barriers, time or space and involves no economic constraints. In India itself we have pioneers in this field namely Sikkim Manipal University, Symbiosis Institute and IGNOU. Of these top 3, Sikkim Manipal University reaches across 310 towns in the country and has more than 4 lakh students on its rolls. The statistics indicate the power of distance education and is a role model for others to follow. Technology has helped increase interactivity and recognition of education through the distance mode. Sikkim Manipal University leads on this front as well with its interactive next generation learning system EduNxt. Winner of 'Digital Learning ICT Enabled University of the Year,' 2009, EduNxt allows students to access video lectures, industry presentations, counselling, industry mentor chats and online library at any time of their convenience. To be the next superpower we need to educate our youth so that they can be the effective leaders of tomorrow. Education empowers to take on responsibility and get grounding in life. In India’s scenario distance education is the most viable alternative to reach a sustainable development in all aspects of the nation’s growth and prosperity in the years ahead. To know more about MBA degree visit

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