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Hmm, the mirror idea.. I think I agree with Bron about the problem with that, and I thought we decided that wasn't the best way to approach this.. Way down in the summary of the discussion, Wayne responds with a note relating to the division between human and animal anatomy. In the meeting there seemed to be some feeling of concern that attempting to do this would scope creep the project. I think we saw that it would not if we approached it right.

From memory, the detail of the discussion on how to approach it was something like this:

Otago would look into possible funding for Ruth to begin developing a basic human anatomy text in wikibooks, usingthe simple and accessible style of the animals text and sharing material from the advanced human text, the relevant animal sections, and the various human texts that Ruth currently uses in her Blackboard courses. Hopefully, with these three areas of reusable content already available this development would not take too much effort - just editorial work really, which Ruth is quite skilled at. (If COL saw value in this development then support would ensure it happened quickly).

At the same time, we use Wikieducator to develop "activity sheets" that are useful for people to use to engage with either the human and/or the animal texts on wikibooks. To do this we would identify 2 chapters in the existing animal text that are generic enough so as to develop activities that are appropriate for both texts. The activity sheets developed for these initial chapters would scope out the workflow and what a "workbook" on wikieducator might look like.

Leighblackall (talk)18:31, 11 May 2008

Hi Leigh -- from a pedagogical perspective, I would prefer to develop a seamless and integrated exemplar that can be structured and produced for multiple reuse contexts building on the features enabled by the collections editor now possible with the wiki ==> pdf generator.

From COL's perspective -- in alignment with our strategic development plan for WE and scarce resources for eLearning work -- I'm not keen to single out the activity sheets as a development project.

In the spirit of openness and transparency -- perhaps the animal A & P project is not the best fit to achieve our collective objectives -- and that's fine by me. The strength of the open source model is that we self organize finding the best fit and eco-system to move our collective objectives forward.


Mackiwg (talk)10:16, 12 May 2008

Hey, can you rephrase all that in English a simple biologist can understand?

RLawson (talk)22:37, 25 May 2008