Impacts on Youth Enterprises

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Dear Colleaques,


NEEDS FOR HIV/AIDS FOR  YOUTH IN ENTREPRENEUR. The need to have HIV/AIDS Course contents for the Youth in Entrepreneur programme are AS follows:

Youth are vulnerable in nature to abuse,exploitation, unintended pregnancy,Sexual Transmitted Infection (STIs) and HIV

  • Youth approach adulthood with conflicting and confusing messages about sexuality and gender
  • Youth like adventure in life (trial period)
  • They are sexual active group
  • Youth are the pride of any nation
  • They contribute to the development of any nation
  • They are the major workforce of any growing nation
  • They are extremely vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection with a prevalence rate of 5.2% in Nigeria
  • Almost 50% of all new HIV infections are among young people (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, 2004)
  • Youth can create demand and provide HIV information and life skills as peer educators

Presentations on HIV/AIDS Programmes on Youth in Entrepreneur The following are my suggestions on programmes for Small Entrepreneur on HIV/AIDS which are mainly on ‘The Principles, Methods, Prevention, Treatment and Management’.

  • Understanding HIV and AIDS -Situation of HIV/AIDS in the world
  • Differences between HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Sign and Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Infection
  • Wrong Beliefs about Cure and Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS
  • How to Get and Spread HIV/AIDS
  • Habits that increases the Risk of Getting infected with AIDS Virus
  • Building a strong Defense against HIV/AIDS
  • Methods of HIV Transmission and Prevention Management of AIDS -Signs and Symptoms of HIV/AIDS
  • How To Prevent Getting Infected with HIV Virus
  • Methods of Preventing HIV Infection
  • Voluntary Testing for HIV/AIDS
  • Pregnancy and HIV/AIDS
  • Care and Support for Affected Person
  • Being Your Sisters and Brothers Keeper
  •  Note: Some of the above topics can be diagrammatically illustrated with pictures for simplicity of terms
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