Impacts on Youth Enterprises

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Hi All,

1.Yes, discussions on HIV/AIDS should be incorporated into the course, but not just HIV/AIDS, other issues that promote health and well being such as exercise, rest and leisure etc should also be included because they promote a healthy mind and body which is essential for business success.

Discussions on HIV/AIDS is important because it will ensure that employees get adequate information on HIV/AIDS prevention and care from the workplace , where they spend a greater amount of their time daily. It will also safeguard businesses from low productivity which may result from high morbidity and mortality due to HIV/AIDS.

2. Presentation: The impact of HIV/AIDS on business operations is a factor that every entrepreneur should take seriously. HIV/AIDs associated illness can reduce productivity of staff, and death resulting HIV/AIDS could mean loss of valuable contribution and a drain on the psychology of other employees, which could also affect productivity.

The impact of HIV/AIDS is greater on small businesses, because they have small number of employees. Therefore, when an employee in a small business goes down with HIV/AIDS, it will affect productivity more.

To safeguard business from the effect of HIV/AIDS, every entrepreneur, especially SMEs should ensure that there is an HIV/AIDS workplace programme in place. The workplace programme should focus on HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support

Shining Star (talk)01:07, 17 March 2011