Impacts on Youth Enterprises

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Incorporation of HIV/AIDS lessons into Training Young People in Entrepreneurship I think YES. Because,

  1. these young ones are the future of the world.
  2. they will form the future human and knowledge resource for individual countries and the world at large. If they are not aware now, we may lose most of them to the menace. Our greatest resources will be wasted to the drain.
  3. today, young people are agents of change and we need to build capacity to fight HIV and AIDS. They are capable of being peer educators so trainings of such nature will be a platform for them to learn more about the menace and also about modern methods of delivering HIV and AIDS education to others.
  4. they can also be in the position to educate or even counsel elderly people in society such as parents through youth advocacy work. In Ghana now, the youth are beginning to enjoy attention for government and civil organisations since are becoming aware of their potentials and capabilities. That is why I personally comment the organisers of IPYET for creating this platform to also talk about HIV and AIDS.

Making a presentation to them on the impacts of HIV/AIDS on Businesses, especially on a Small Business It is praiseworthy to give a presentation on HIV and AIDS on the impacts of HIV/AIDS on Businesses.

  1. As Confucius the Chinese philosopher & reformer puts it "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." I see that the impression of presentation will be stronger especially if it goes beyond mere presentation. Graphic presentations, video shows and other forms of presentations like role play etc. will help such participants to understand and appreciate the need to continue advocacy work on HIV and AIDS and to also help their personal development. Of course, small businesses (youth enterprises) are sources of livelihood to so many people and a presentation will go a long way to inform, educate and communicate better on their impact on small businesses (youth enterprises)
Kafuiaheto (talk)21:33, 16 March 2011

Thank you Kafuiaheto.

Victor.mensah (talk)00:48, 17 March 2011