Impacts on Youth Enterprises

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1. Yes. It should be incorporated into the course. With our department before entrepreneurs are trained, they fill the entry form and in it there is a question that ask if they think HIV/AIDS has an impact on Business. They answers we get show that there is a lot to be shared with young people about it. If such discussions are incorporated then entrepreneurs will have new thinking about HIV/AIDS, make new plans and establish new approaches.

2. THIS IS WHAT I DO WITH MY TRAINEES I give them hand outs of case studies about HIV/AIDS at work place. We discuss them and provide some information. I also invite employees from the National Aids Council (NAC) to do presentation about HIV/AIDS and Entrepreneurship. At the Youth Centre I use to conduct trainings there are Peer Educators and HIV Counseling and Testing Unit which few of the trainees visit after or during trainings.

Sula (talk)22:20, 1 April 2011