Impact Assessment of BDS and Training Programmes

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At my organisation we have used a number of impact assessment methods. Before discussing these it is useful to note that "Social Impact Assessment can be defined in terms of efforts to assess or estimate, in advance, the social consequences that are likely to follow specific policy actions (including programs and the adoption of new policies), and specific government actions. It is a process that provides a framework for prioritizing, gathering, analyzing, and incorporating social information and participation into the design and delivery of developmental interventions. It ensures that development interventions: (i) are informed and take into account the key relevant social issues; and (ii) incorporate a participation strategy for involving a wide range of stakeholders" (Misra, 2004:1).

We have used the following impact assessment methods at work:

  • Outcome indicators for outcome level results/objectives. Outcome indicators assess

progress against specified outcomes/objectives. For example in 2007 my organisation aranged some business development services that included skills training, entrepreneurship training and book-keeping to small scale women miners. An M & E visit was conducted in 2009 to assess the impact of the training and what interventions were required if any.

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