Impact Assessment of BDS and Training Programmes

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Dear Jealous

             First of all sorry for joining the discussion late. I have had a tight schedule having been on a mission with the African Development Bank to Central and Southern provinces. In the places I was staying Internet connectivity was a real challenge and even my MTN dongle did not come to my rescue due to poor mobile network.

             Anyway good to be back regarding the first discussion point: How can we measure impact of BDS interventions?

               Monitoring is the routine tracking and reporting of high priority information about aprogramme  or project, its inputs and intended results. Monitoring information has to be used at all levels of the system for self-assessment and tracking the progress and decision making. It is therefore important for everyone involved to be clear about which indicators are being monitored as well as the information to be collected and how.
                Evaluation is an assessment, as systematic and impartial as possible, or project, programme, strategy, policy, theme, sector, operational institutional performance. Evaluation aims at determining the relevance or appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and
sustainability of the interventions and contributions to the organizations. The evaluation
process and methods should be decided during the initial planning process. This requires
prior planning and may require the use of external resource persons / experts. Evaluation
should be based on a set of indicators developed during the initial planning process.

GabKon (talk)20:11, 25 March 2011