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Hello Jim Tittsler,

          I am rather a few months old on WE and on my path of exploring WE as much as I can .Could you please tell me why I can't use round edges for templates and why does it change once I click on the edit on top of the page ? (You can see a green box with round edges and blue coloured  line inside at the bottom of this page.).Once I added it ,ihis will stay so without change untill the next click on edit button ! Is round edged boxes not working on WE?Is there a list of fonts that must only be used on WE ?I do really don't understand if I could use these fonts on top of these pages :page 1 and page 2.

Thanks in advance 

Balqis Thaahaveettil (talk)09:43, 9 March 2012

The round edges display in my browser. Is the problem you are seeing only in the rich editor? I recommend using the standard wikitext editor. The rich editor does not provide an accurate rendering of all possible wikitext formats, so using it causes more confusion than convenience.

Just like in the wider web, you can use any font you want. You will want to choose fonts that most users have available, with alternate fonts specified as fallback values.

I advise against things like rounded corners, colored backgrounds, special fonts, large numbers of different font sizes, etc. They can make it harder for other people to reuse your content in other contexts, either on the web or in print. Content rather than form is king.

JimTittsler (talk)08:02, 11 March 2012

Thank you so much Jim for explaining me the basics and reminding me the importance Content rather than form .My problem was that I couldn't retain the round edges once clicked for editing the page which has a round edged template in it.The image will be visible once I make it but last only till I click on that page's edit button for the next edit.I was after these things because of my interest in visuals and their effect on learning and memory .I never knew that it will be difficult for others to use it in other contexts .So I will remind myself about this great advice whenever I feel like adding flashy nature to contents on WE .I appreciate your help and support .I have a lot to learn from you Thanks again Balqis

Balqis Thaahaveettil (talk)10:26, 11 March 2012

From your description it sounds like you are using the rich editor. You can ignore how the page looks in that view. The important thing is how it is rendered in the wiki. (And, as I said, if you move to using the wikitext editor then that confusion won't exist, since you will be editing in a plain text representation of the page.)

JimTittsler (talk)12:14, 11 March 2012

Yes Jim ,I occasionally use wiki text but rich editor is used more often !May be that is the problem why l find the wiki text altered while doing editing worked on round edged templates .This is a good thing to know that I should ignore how it rich text editor.I will try to do as you told me

with sincere thanks


Balqis Thaahaveettil (talk)04:58, 12 March 2012