Hello from your Neigbour

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Dear Joao,

You cant imagine how pleasant it was to notice your addition on my page. That was indeed real-time as i had sent out that message not long before your post. I have taken a look at your page and related pages and you are really up there! You have really done a yoe man's job. I also took a look at White Eagle's page and beleive that if you two have not made contact, it will be worth while to attempt it (as reccomended by Randy Fisher). I will be checking in on you from time to time and hope this will just be the beginning of a good learning relationship (perhaps, i will start Portugeese and German lessons from you - smile).

--vmensah 18:16, 12 March 2008 (UTC)

Victor.mensah (talk)07:16, 13 March 2008