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Hi Everyone

Having mastered the technicalities of 'The Blog', I have now progressed to this page and can I just say how useful I found the teleconferencing to be yesterday. Somehow, everything became clear as if a light had shone down the tunnel and allowed me to 'get on with business' so I look forward to the next one and many others of course.

This is my 5th paper in the course so I feel that I am nearing the end. I have mixed feelings about that. I think you are always pleased to complete a course of study but if you are anything like me, this is only temporary euphoria before looking to see what else is around. Anyway that aside, I have enjoyed the papers so far and look forward to working with everyone on this one. My knowledge of on-line learning and developing tools and processes necessary to produce such material was non-existent before I started this course and I still feel there is a lot to learn. The subject feels almost boundless.

I work for Manukau Institute of Technology where I have been for over 5 years , delivering various levels of IT within the Community Learning programme. Teaching resources used are currently a mixture of course-books and on-line learning dependent on the level of learning.

I have lived in New Zealand now for 6 years, having moved from the U.K. due to its poor climate, stressful lifestyle and increasing crime and I love living here. I reside in the Auckland/Manukau region of Howick with my husband and 20 year old daughter who between moments of having a good time and sleeping, purports to being a student. I also have a Chinese girl who lodges with us and, despite her ethnicity and supposed cultural leaning towards study and learning, also seems to enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle!

I have been looking forward to studying this paper for some time as I feel this is often a weak area. As evaluation and quality go hand-in-hand, I am interested in identifying potential areas of weakness and appropriate evaluation tools to accomplish this.

I look forward to working with you all.

Bye for now


My blog http://hilaryelearning.blogspot.com

Hilarym (talk)12:09, 27 February 2008

hello Hilary great to see you have yur blog link here and are all ready to zoom. Yes explanations by voice can be so much easier and the chance to ask questions. If people are keen, I am very keen to run regular synchronous sessions. Something on computer conferencing appears to be preferred according to the poll, and if everyone has working microphones, we will still be able to hear voices.

I also have a 20 yr old daughter who is a student and is having a wonderful time flatting and being one of the "girls who just wanna have fun."

Yes this course will help bring things such as quality to the fore and I look forward to working with you and everyone to make evaluation fun and approachable - sometimes it gets put in the too hard basket. bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)16:15, 29 February 2008