Hello from Donna

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Hi Donna,

Good to see a fellow Scot here - feel slightly outnumbered at work (where they all take the mickey mercilessly!). Where are you from? I'm from Cults, just outside Aberdeen. Italy sounds good - we lived in France for 12 years but loving the lack of bureaucracy in NZ (although have just started dealing with the NZQA...) Look forward to working online with you.



Lesley (talk)17:18, 29 February 2008

Hi Lesley

I can understand the merciless teasing :-) I am also from Aberdeen and my family still live there in the Newburgh/Ellon area. I spend 6 years in Gairloch on the west coast when I was working as a chef. This is where I met the kiwi boy who got me to move here!!!!


Donna (talk)17:44, 7 March 2008