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Hello everyone. I am pleased there isn't anyone hear right now to hear me!!! I have just written a nice long introduction, and managed to lose the lot - went to preview it, then hit the wrong button, and it was gone. Seem to be doing a bit of that today. Oh well.

Anyway - a bit about myself. I am the Learning & Development Advisor - Technologies at Manukau City Council, and have been there for four years.

This is my second paper, and although I enjoy the learning, have to be very disciplined to spend the time required, but the knowledge gained is worth it.

I live with my husband Jeff in Mahia Park - in Manurewa Auckland - along with our two dogs Flossy and Hippo two Shar Pei - mother and daughter. We moved here nearly a year ago from a lifestyle block and are enjoying not have a large garden to look after, and being able to look at our sea view instead. [1] Between use we have several children and step-children, and five grandchildren. I have a son and daughter - the rest he is responsible for - haha.

It is interesting that we have a member who is living in Bristol. My daughter and her partner are leaving NZ in April to live in Bristol - doing their OE a bit later than normal. She is finally graduating her Bachelor of Business and Graduate Diploma of Business at AUT this month. Took her a long while to do that final paper - but I will be very proud indeed.

I look forward to "meeting" you all as we move through this course, and learn from each other.

My blog: http://barbaraelearning.blogspot.com/

Bgerbich (talk)20:08, 29 February 2008
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Hi Barbara

My email is ylm30AThotmailDOTcoDOTuk if your daughter and partner need any info about Bristol - before or after they arrive!

Cheers Yvonne

Moor267 (talk)22:46, 2 March 2008

yvonne and all can I suggest you use an AT instead of @ in an email and DOT instead of . That way the spammers wont pick up your email. Bron

Bronwynh (talk)14:01, 10 March 2008

Hi Barbara, I know how you feel - kept losing my messages every time I checked the link through to my blog (which I also kept losing). One other issue is remembering all the passwords I seem to need to navigate between the different pages. Nice to talk with you last week in the conference call - that was a walk in the park in comparison.

Cheers Jennifer

Jweavers (talk)00:04, 10 March 2008