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Hi, I am "visiting" user pages as a part of the C4L workshop. I was an elementary teacher, a K-12 School Librarian, and Technology Integration Specialist in Missouri. Now I work for the eMINTS National Center. We provide professional development for K-12 teachers integrating best practice teaching with technology. I am hoping to assist teachers as we start to develop a library of educational resources for our state. Do you have any ideas of how you might use wiki projects in your classes?

Loesingcs (talk)05:27, 3 August 2010

I am going to use the wiki to aid students in creating a glossary/ study wiki.  We dont have a "whole" text for my class.  We have several disjointed texts.  My hope is for students to build a wiki that shows the links betweeen topics in our curricullum.

Robert Benn (talk)17:47, 4 August 2010