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My name is Martha González and I have been teaching languages for 10 years. I work at UAA and I really like my job. I see myself as a person who always tries to do my best, in these years I have learned that you learn from your students more than you expect, so it is a great chance to be with them. I do not have any experience in the use of wikis, so I think I am going to need extra help but I promise I am going to make an effort and I will try to learn as quick as possible but be patient! So far I can tell you that I found wikis really interesting although I know I need to learn how to use them and how to include them in my classes.

Marthagonzalez (talk)01:16, 13 August 2010

Hello Martha and welcome!

Bnleez (talk)01:54, 15 August 2010