Harvesting blog content

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  1. No, Twitter is commonly used for short thoughts, replies, and the occasional link to an interesting resource. Blogs are used for more in depth thoughts on a subject. You certainly could tweet about a blog post if you wanted to make sure a wider audience noticed it, but the harvesting does not "read" the contents of the tweets.
  2. The WEnotes hash tag is used for testing the WEnotes aggregation system. It serves no other purpose.
  3. Registered blogs are normally checked at least once an hour.
  4. Blogs should be tagged with SP4Ed if your blogging platform supports tags/labels/categories (terminology varies from one blogging platform to another). The only reason to rely on the less robust subject line check is if your platform does not offer the label/category feature.
JimTittsler (talk)10:36, 30 July 2013