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somebody please start something ... [:P]

Samarthetfield (talk)01:20, 18 October 2008

Dear Samarth

Saw the additions made by you ,smriti.The photo gallery snaps are very small to be viewed ,can u improve upon them?

Please paste a group snap of students after the introduction.Thumb nail snaps of you three could be place near the credits or get a nice snap clicked afresh and call yourself the DDUC wikipage team.Try posting the link to friends and also to Niyam, Savithri, anil prasad for their inputs and comments.Can we also start experimenting with colours now??.

The content could be shifted to other pages as well to avoid long scrolling.Please insrt an acknowlegement to the chief patron of the course- the Princi.

Have tried to rearrange and add content.May have misalligned the snap,please feel free to correct the syntax.

How does post a comment on the discussion page ,I HAVE NO CLUE.Please educate us on that one.

Anubhamukherji (talk)19:33, 22 October 2008

ma'am snap size is small because of the simple reason that we'll be adding more and more photos so .. it is better that they smaller they r the better . and also when you click on them they 'll open in one big snap . and i have already messaged savithri ma'am about it , have to inform about it to miyam sir and anil sir . colours .. ma'am i am actually really confused on how to go about using colors , because i am too poor in choosing colours ( as you can get by my dressing sense ) and where to put principal sirs photo ??? and how to post a comment click on the discussion tab there will be written in bold letters : start a new discussion .. and you click on that . and you start a new discussion Thankyou for your inputs .

Samarthetfield (talk)00:38, 23 October 2008

Hi Samarth,

Sorry for not getting back earlier.

I am enthused at seeing your page, but do realise that you are not finding time to spend on it. Also please link all the other pages you have created to this page - or provide a link on this page. i have not been able to check out the English Dept pages.

You could check out Gita's page and copy syntax so that you can copy the color, or what ever else. One learns by looking for what one wants on other pages and then copying - its legal and Fun!!! Also what you can do is send specific questions to the wikied India group or me then each difficulty will be solved by someone in the group.

All the best!! Hoping you'll progress to the next level.


Savi.odl (talk)23:09, 21 December 2008