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Final project Research notes: Roy Windom III Introduction WikiEducator is a global community of contributors dedicated to the design, development and free content delivery of education curriculum information. Additional contributors can provide greater insights for developing the next generation of scientific/innovative talent in a world that requires increasingly sophisticated/complex thinking and problem solving. One of our main marketing points can be WE can emphasize how important education is to the U.S. and the world can become more innovative via our education policies. “WikiEducator already has a significant community of users who can be reached via email, and various groups. These users are themselves involved in other educational organizations and can help spread the word”. Marketing to Contributors other than Colleges Adding Educational Lobbyists to our market plan is important since they have major insights into government support of higher/public education at the federal/state level. They will probable a hard sell!! They can benefit from WE as a forum to consolidate ideas via Q&A sessions and discussions on their WE website.

Their company websites have a comments section where we can introduce/invite them to join WE via email. Most educational institutions in CA already use lobbyists but the ideas are not coordinated. Contributing Lobbyists can provide insights into existing/future curriculum the government is interested in emphasizing for its’ support. WE should market to individual lobbyist since their companies sell the service but maybe some companies will buy in as a public service for the publicity and a free source of potential new customers. 

In addition to Educational Lobbyists I found a Mother’s Blog website that emphasizes parenting/education. The Existing blog started in Silicon Valley but now has chapters now has chapters nationwide. The group is already interested in improving all levels of education. WE will allow their contributions to be view shared globally which has the potential of expanding the group. I am sure they will contribute once we give our marketing points via email. IEEE and Cisco Networking Academy Alumni consist of professional technologists/educators. These organizations currently define standards, curriculum and advanced research in global networking, etc. The insight they can provide to technical education on WE would be invaluable (I am a member of both and I am know their work). Since most of the work is already in the public domain, we just have to make them aware of WE (goals/mission). Some members of these organizations would surely contribute. Of course, the contributions would be mainly for higher technical education but it would support the WE mission for curriculum advancement. Promotional Ideas Since these organizations are already involved in education, etc. an email explaining WE to the appropriate website (including an invitation to contribute) should suffice. Of course instructions on the operation of WE (WE website and how to create their website on WE) must be included. The organizations would forward the email to the appropriate members and setup the webpage. I do not believe printed brochures, etc. are cost-effective for WE unless the organization request them.

Roywindom3 (talk)07:57, 11 March 2010