Greetings from EL4C49 workshop participant

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 Nice to know you! You have really impressive User page! Greetings from Finland!  --Teromakotero 20:42, 13 February 2011 (UTC)

Teromakotero (talk)08:42, 14 February 2011

Hi Teromakotero,

Greetings from Australia. Apologies; it has only taken me 15 months to reply to you!. How did you go in the workshop?

Just looking at your wikipage. Love the photo!!! My goodness you speak a lot of languages.

I also note that you list Special Education Teacher (autism). I have some Australian colleagues who you might wish to connect with? Let me know and I will send you their emails.


Julie Willems (talk)01:48, 10 May 2012