Great to see thinking about portals starting organically in WIkiEd

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Hi Kim,

I'm pleased to see the community pushing for portals <smile>. This is a sign that WikiEd is growing fast. A year ago we would not have had enough content for portal pages - today you can't find what you're looking for on the content list! All good of course.

We certainly need to do some work at the 2nd tier navigation level - and portal pages are a good place to start.

So the time is right for folk to chat about structural ideas -

For me it would make sense to have a portal page for different sectors and levels. For example a content portal page for each of the following

  • Tertiary or higher Ed
  • Vocational Ed
  • Primary and secondary Ed (i.e. K!2) and
  • Professional development

Each portal page could then be divided into the relevant disciplinary / subject fields. Deciding on the best ontology would need a little research.

Yeah --- I agree, we need to get a project on portal pages moving.

Mackiwg (talk)11:57, 18 October 2007