Great to see a public reflective journal for the course :-)

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I'm pleased to see OERuPSY will be incorporating a public blog for reflective journal posts :-). A great way to support peer learning in the course.

Just a note to say that we're planning to develop an OERu support resource for learners to create their blogs which can be reused across all OERu courses. We must remember to link to this help resource once completed.

Also. something the team may want to think about. An offline journal reflection using a word processor will loose the potential benefits of peer-learning support. I think it is justified to include offline reflections (which may be more personal in nature) which could always be submitted as part of the assessment design, if appropriate. Not sure if its worth making a clear distinction between public reflections (which does not include the option of an offline word file) and those activities where a non-public reflection is required. Would be good for the team to bounce a few ideas here.

Mackiwg (talk)17:43, 12 February 2013